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Critical approaches in EU law – still a blindspot.

Why is the space for critical legal engagements within EU law so narrow, almost non-existant? Critical legal engagements openly question the underpinnings of EU legal thinking showing how its inner logics reproduce various forms of inequalities and power asymmetries. They don’t primarily seek to reform the law. Their main focus is laying bare the [...]

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Responsible or just compliant business conduct? On open norms and the example of ARISA v C&A

In his blog post summarizing the contents of the new Dutch Responsible Business Conduct strategy, Jurrien van Rees writes on the difficulties of turning due diligence into binding legal provisions:Due diligence should be appropriate to a company’s circumstances and can be adapted to deal with the limitations of working with business relationships. On the [...]

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Responsible Business Conduct: Challenges and Opportunities

Responsible business conduct (RBC) is here to stay. There is a clear trend towards more binding RBC measures. Some countries have introduced thematic or sectoral due diligence legislation for specific RBC themes, such as forced labour and exploitation (including child labour) or for specific sectors (e.g. timber and minerals). Examples include the UK Modern [...]

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