Yannick van den Berg
Yannick van den BergManaging Editor
Yannick van den Berg is a PhD candidate in Consumer Law at the University of Amsterdam. He is part of the Sustainable Global Economic Law research project, where he is affiliated with two research centre’s ACT and ACELG. His research focusses on practice theoretical approaches to sustainability in consumer law.
Amy Lazell
Amy LazellTextual Editor
Amy Lazell is a research assistant for the N-EXTLAW Project, an ERC-funded project hosted by the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law. She previously received a Master’s in European Private Law (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam and hopes to do a PhD in the future.
Anna van Duin
Anna van DuinCo-editor Digitalization
Anna van Duin is Assistant Professor in Private Law and Civil Procedure. She is also the deputy director of ACT. Her research focuses on challenges and opportunities of digitalization for (access to) civil justice and dispute resolution mechanisms.
Antonio Davola
Antonio DavolaCo-editor Digitalization
Antonio Davola, is Adjunct Professor and Post-Doc Research Fellow at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, and Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellow at the University of Amsterdam. His main areas of interest involve competition law, consumer protection and the regulation of emerging technologies. In particular, he devotes significant attention to the application of experimental and empirical analysis to consumer protection, consistently with a research approach strongly focused on Law&Economics.
Laura Burgers
Laura BurgersEditor Sustainability
Laura Burgers is Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. She will defend her PhD Thesis on climate change litigation in November 2020. Her postdoctoral research focuses on the rights of nature. Laura is an expert within the UN Network Harmony with Nature on this topic.
 Rodrigo Vallejo Garretón
Rodrigo Vallejo GarretónCo-editor Theory
Rodrigo Vallejo is Assistant Professor in Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on the interactions between economic law, socio-political theory, and regulatory policies in national and transnational governance.
Eva Vermeulen
Eva VermeulenEditor Property
Eva Vermeulen is a PhD Candidate at the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative private law. In her PhD research she uses political-philosophical theories within the Capabilities Approach to search for a just interpretation and legal application of ‘basic rights to property’.
Jennifer de Lange
Jennifer de LangeEditor Finance
Jennifer de Lange practiced as a lawyer for more than 15 years before returning to academia and joining the Private Law department at the University of Amsterdam, where she now teaches on the masters courses Financial Law and Securities & Markets Regulation. Jennifer is also a PhD candidate and her research explores the intersection between sustainability and financial law, with a particular focus on the role of financial regulation.
Klaas Eller
Klaas EllerCo-editor Theory
Klaas Eller is Assistant Professor in European Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. His research interests are centered around the role of (private) law in social and technological transformation, particularly through an angle of contract, international private law as well as human rights.
Vladimir Bogoeski
Vladimir Bogoeski Co-editor Labour
Vladimir Bogoeski is Postdoctoral Researcher in the N-EXTLAW project and member of the Centre for Transformative Private Law (ACT). His current research is situated at the intersection of private law, labour law and political economy of labour. He is interested in critical approaches to law, participatory action research (PAR), organising and social movements.
Candida Leone
Candida LeoneCo-editor Labour
Candida Leone is Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law. She is mostly identified as a contract lawyer and works on matters of consumer protection, social contract law (theory) and, increasingly, sustainability.

Advisory Board

Marija Bartl
Marija BartlBoard of Advisors
Marija Bartl is a Professor of Transnational Private Law and a Director of Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law. Her research revolves around the question of law and social change. Marija is currently working on a monograph ‘New Collective Imaginaries of Progress: Future as a Legal Project’. She has also recently started her ERC project N-EXTLAW, aiming to understand the role of private law as a tool to foster non-extractive economic practices.
Chantal Mak
Chantal MakBoard of Advisors
Chantal Mak is a Professor of Private law, in particular fundamental rights and private law, at the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law (ACT), University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on the constitutional legal framework for private law in Europe and the influence of constitutional law (including fundamental rights) on private law matters, with a special interest for the role of the judiciary in European private law.
Hans Lindahl
Hans LindahlBoard of Advisors
Hans Lindahl holds the chair of legal philosophy at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and a chair in global law at Queen Mary University of London. He obtained law and philosophy degrees at the Universidad Javeriana, in Bogotá, Colombia, before taking a doctorate at the Higher Institute of Philosophy of the University of Louvain (Belgium) in 1994. His current research is primarily oriented to legal and political-philosophical issues germane to globalization processes.
Hans-W. Micklitz
Hans-W. MicklitzBoard of Advisors
Hans-W. Micklitz, Professor of Economic Law at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence and Finland Distinguished Professor, Professor at the EUI Law Department 2007-2019, ERC Grant on European Regulatory Private Law, 2011-2016, Research Grant of the Finnish Academy of Science The External Dimension of European Private law, 2016-2021, research focus on private law, transnational law, legal theory.