Personalised standard terms? Or, the transformations we didn’t know we didn’t really need

Introduction Algorithm-enabled “personalisation” is a hot topic in legal scholarship. In recent times, “personalised law” has been the subject of books (like this and this), a conference culminating in a high-level online symposium and numerous events. As someone who stays largely out of digitalisation debates, I was impressed to discover the debate that has [...]

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Data as Counter-Performance and Transformative Contract Law

Within the framework of Transformative Private Law, a leading role must necessarily be recognized for Contract Law, traditionally both a receptor for social demands and an engine of economic innovations in an unceasing circular process. As a flexible tool capable, at the same time, of adapting to the needs of reality and inducing deep [...]

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Transformative Private Law as a Resource to Overcome Regulatory Shortcomings in the European Digital Market

Much debate arose regarding the role that private law is supposed to serve in the digital environment: the widespread of new technologies is almost unanimously understood as posing significant challenges to traditional concepts of law, introducing questions regarding the adequacy of the legal framework to encompass new disruptive technologies as well as the need [...]

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