About us

The idea of the Transformative Private Law Blog arose in the wake of launching the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law. The exciting objective of gaining and communicating a better understanding of what makes private law transformative, and how this transformative potential may best be studied and understood, could most optimally be achieved through an online medium that provides a fast-track alternative to publishing short-form pieces about transformative private law.

We identify seven core themes of Transformative Private Law: Sustainability, Digitalization, Social Justice, Finance, Labour, Property, and Theory. In selecting these themes we recognize and aim to reflect that private law already plays a transformative role, yet also offers further transformative potential. Uncovering these dynamics, the Transformative Private Law Blog aims to open up discussions about these key themes in the field of private law and its transformation.

Naturally, the blog is aimed at scholars and practitioners active in transformative private law, but its contributions will undoubtedly spark the interest of a broader audience. The variety of posts will serve both an educational function as well as stimulate societal debates on grander themes such as the environment, global value chains, and political economy.

Scholars, practitioners, and students from different disciplines are united in this online environment to discuss and build a concept of transformative private law. The editorial team consists of a mixture of junior and senior private lawyers, all active in fields corresponding to the different key themes. The quality of the blog is guaranteed by a board of advisors, composed of internationally renowned scholars, all of whom are active in at least one of the six main themes.

Everyone is warmly welcomed to submit a post on the transformative role or potential of private law within contemporary societies.